Audi Event Club is an exclusive website dedicated to Bank Audi cardholders, providing them with access to the best international happenings in entertainment packages and sports events at preferential rates (up to 10% discount on tickets and packages).

It is a personalized service that can help cardholders experience life’s most memorable moments anywhere around the world, anytime.
Audi Event Club is powered by 1BoxOffice; a company specialized in concierge service and events ticketing. 1BoxOffice is responsible for all packages and tickets posted on the Audi Event Club website. 
By using Audi Event Club, Bank Audi cardholders will be able to book for:

• Celebrity music concerts
• International theatre plays and musicals
• Upcoming football, tennis, basketball, and golf tournaments
• Motor racing packages
• Red carpet events
• Extraordinary travel packages
• Prestigious fashion show events


How it works:

1- Create an account and log in:
a. Create an account
b. Login using your chosen username and password
2- Book your Package / Ticket:
a. Select the Package or Ticket you wish to obtain
b. Read the package / ticket description and click on "book now".
3- Payment and Booking confirmation:
a. Read booking summary and proceed to checkout page
b. Book using your Bank Audi card. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
4- Follow up:
a. 1BoxOffice Services staff will contact you and provide you with information regarding the item booked as well as delivery method.
5- Service Delivery:
a. Vouchers and documents are sent by email or collected from 1BoxOffice Services office. Ticket delivery takes place at country of event and are sent one night before the event date to the hotel


Special Offers:

Bank Audi cardholders will benefit from an extra 20% discounted price on top of the initially discounted price currently offered on Audi Event Club on some selected packages.
These discounts will be available for the first 5 packages/tickets bought by the cardholders and can be found under the “Special Offers” banner whereby cardholders can browse the selected and discounted packages.
For updates about the packages, please visit:

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