"The Corporate" Cedar Miles

Round trip tickets for your business expenses.

The Smart Choice for Companies

"The Corporate” Cedar Miles is a practical solution that helps you manage your finances easily and get a rewarding experience.

More than a corporate card

In addition to being a powerful tool allowing your company to monitor and manage its employees' expenses, this card also offers the opportunity to turn these expenses into benefits by collecting Free Cedar Miles* for every dollar (USD) spent on this card.

1 Mile for every $1 spent on the card. 

 "The Corporate” Cedar Miles offers mutual benefits for companies and employees.

*Miles are non-qualifying

Corporate Benefits

This card offers your company the following advantages and benefits:

Business Reward Advantages
For every issued card, your company will get:
- A Welcome Bonus of 2,000 Cedar Miles added to the company's Cedar Miles account.
- 50% of the miles earned on the credit card will be added to the company's Cedar Miles account.

Control your Business

With this card, your company can:

  1. Set limits for each employee’s spending.
  2. Track all business expenses.
  3. Have a useful tool for budgeting and managing operating costs.
  4. Receive a reader-friendly monthly statement report, by mail or e-mail.
  5. Reconcile expenses by receiving an accessible monthly statement report and reduce administrative costs.
  6. Receive an end-of-year statement summing up all yearly expenses.
  7. Monitor employees' card movements via "Audi Cards Online". 
Employees' Benefits

This card offers your employees the following advantages and benefits:

Travel Benefits:

For every card issued, the employee will get:

- A Welcome Bonus of 2,000 Cedar Miles added to his/her personal Cedar Miles account.

- 50% of the miles earned by using his/her card will be added to his/her personal Cedar Miles account.

- Complimentary Access to MEA's Cedar Lounge at Beirut's Rafic Hariri International Airport, upon card presentation, for cardholders holding same day MEA ticket (ME flight number).

Free unlimited access to 650 VIP lounges

"The Corporate" Cedar Miles cardholders will enjoy Free Unlimited Access to more than 650 Worldwide VIP Airport Lounges by simply presenting their card and will enjoy privileged access to the following airport lounges.

Please click here   to check the list of participating lounges.


What does an airport lounge offer?

An airport VIP lounge offers a quiet and comfortable place to escape from the crowds of the busy departure hall. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will have everything you need to relax before your next trip.


Some benefits of airport lounges are outlined below:

  • Wi-Fi, fax, Internet Access, Telephone, Television
  • Complimentary newspapers and magazines
  • Disabled Access , Space, comfort and quiet to catch up on work, prepare for your activities ahead or stay in touch with the office
    Snacks, drinks and Alcoholic beverages maybe subject to an additional fee at some lounges
  • Showers, Flight monitor and Entertainment facilities



Terms and Conditions

  • At the lounge entrance, you need to present "The Corporate" Cedar Miles valid card.
  • Guests are charged $27/visit.
  • Access to Cedar & Beirut lounges is granted to passengers traveling on MEA flights only (ME coded flights).
  • Facilities can vary per Lounge.
Global Concierge Service

"The Corporate" Cedar Miles cardholders will surely enjoy a Global Concierge Service ready to assist you around the clock with your travel and business arrangements anywhere, anytime be it restaurant recommendations and reservations, travel planning or business-related assistance among other Services.

Corporate Deals & Offers

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