Green Payroll

A flexible tool to pay salaries and bonuses

Bank Audi MasterCard Green Payroll card, available in LBP and USD, is an ideal payment solution for companies that have contractual employees, part-timers or seasonal workers, providing a safer and less expensive way for employees to cash their payroll.

Cost effective tool for companies

With Bank Audi MasterCard Green Payroll card, employers will benefit from a less expensive way to pay their employees as the Green Payroll card will help:
- Reducing payroll processing expenses
- Minimizing cheque cash management and handling costs

A flexible solution for salaries & occasional payments

The Bank Audi MasterCard Green Payroll card is a convenient tool to pay not only for recurrent payments like salaries but for occasional ones as well: 

- The card can be used as reloadable and for on-going monthly payroll needs
- The card can also be used as a single load card to provide one time payments such as bonuses and relocation expenses
Provides employees with immediate access to funds
Employees do not need to wait in queues to collect their cheques or receive cash. By using the Green Payroll card they can:

- Obtain cash from ATMs, or pay for goods and services at retailers or online
- Get account balance and transaction history via the E-services Program (Free E-statement, SMS Alerts, SMS Pull & SMS Money transfer)