24/7 Platinum Debit

A sign of prestige and distinction

These unique cards will instantly identify you as a special customer of Bank Audi and provide you with higher purchasing power to fit your needs.

Simply choose the card that reflects your lifestyle and enjoy prestige, power and convenience.

Privileges and Extra Benefits

More than just a Debit card!

As a MasterCard debit cardholder, you are immediately entitled to the following privileges and extra benefits:

Immediate Recognition: When you present your card, you are instantly recognized as a preferred customer anywhere in the world.

Higher Purchasing Power & Tailor Made Limits: You will have a higher daily spending limit at merchants' locations and at ATMs; you can also have the option to set your own daily limit.

Contactless Payment System for your quick buy items: The "24/7 Platinum" debit cards takes your shopping experience to the next level with the MasterCard PayPass feature; PayPass is faster than paying in cash or waiting for change, and it makes checkout easier than ever: simply tap your card in front of a secure reader that accepts MasterCard Paypass payments to make low value purchases.

"Chip & PIN" technology: "Chip & PIN" is an evolving technology that has been introduced to your debit cards in order to help prevent fraud and theft. Each card has a tiny chip embedded to make it virtually impossible to copy

Audi Rewards Program: You can accumulate 1 point for every $10 you spend on your card. This means that you can collect points while making your smallest daily purchases such as: groceries, gas, restaurant meals and shopping. All your accumulated points can be redeemed against amazing gifts from the "Audi Rewards" catalog.

SMS Alerts: Each time you use your card, you will receive an SMS notifying you about the transaction's details: amount, merchant, location and date. This way, we will help you detect any unauthorized or fraudulent transaction on the spot.

Special Promotions and Offers: You will enjoy all-year-long promotions and offers which allow you to benefit from numerous prizes and exclusive advantages just for using your card.

in addition to the following:

- Make purchases from your Bank Audi current account without having to write a check.
- Spend up to the available balance on your current account.
- Buy goods and services wherever you see the MasterCard sign and withdraw cash from any Bank that accepts MasterCard.
- Track your purchases made on your current account through "Audi Online"
- Have 24-hour ATM access to your account so that you can check your account balance, transfer funds between accounts, obtain a mini statement, pay for your credit card bill, check your debit card's daily limit...
- Improving cash flow management by depositing cash/cheque(s) anytime through Bank Audi ATM around the clock.

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