ABC Platinum

Style takes shape

The ABC Co-Branded card from Bank Audi is a trendy and modern card combining the financial flexibility of a credit card, the rewarding system of a loyalty card and the revolutionary innovation of a contactless payment card.

The new ABC Card is the ultimate companion card for your everyday purchases; it comes in 2 categories:

- Platinum

- Classic

The ABC credit card takes your shopping experience to the next level with the MasterCard PayPass feature; PayPass is faster than paying in cash or waiting for change, and it makes checkout easier than ever: simply tap your card on a secure reader that accepts MasterCard PayPass payments to make low value purchases.


 The ABC Platinum  credit card offers an attractive 0% interest feature for the first 3 months on all purchases of $300 and above at ABC Department Stores Ashrafieh and Dbayeh during new collection seasons in April and October.

Happy Monday

 Benefit from 10% discount* every Monday at ABC Department Stores.

* on ABC brands


 Accumulate points every time you use your card inside and outside ABC Department Stores:

- 1 point for every $1 spent inside ABC Department Stores and franchise stores.
- 1 point for every $10 spent outside ABC Department Stores and franchise stores.

Redeem your points against "ABC Gift Vouchers" or "ABC Travel Privileges".

ABC Gift Voucher:

Redeem every 2,000 points against valuable gift vouchers - $70 for Platinum cards
ABC Travel Privileges:

Redeem your points with the following travel privileges: airline tickets, travel packages, hotels, car rental and travel specials such as extra weight luggage and airport taxes.

To check the point's balance on your ABC credit card, click here.

Free Access to VIP Airpot Lounges Across the MENA Region

Avoid the hassle of waiting in crowded airport halls and enjoy Free Access to VIP Airport Lounges across the Middle East and Levant upon presenting your card.
To check the list of participating lounges, click here 


Lounges are subject to terms & conditions and may vary any time without prior notice


 The ABC credit card never stops giving even if you spend outside ABC. As an ABC credit card holder, you will benefit from instant cash back each time you use your card at selected merchants. For more information about the ABC network of cash back partners, click here or visit


- Welcome gift: your ABC Platinum credit card will be delivered with a 15% welcome voucher and 2 free entrances to ABC playground.

- Fashion experience*: for every $300 spent inside and outside ABC Department Store, cardholders will get the chance to win exclusive packages to attend international fashion events.

- Private sales, exclusive promotions and events: be the first to get advanced access to sales, and an invitation to exclusive promotions and events.

- Birthday gift: receive automatic bonus points on your birthday as well as special gifts.

- Free delivery shopping: with a minimum purchase of $500 inside ABC Department Store.

- Free Parking*

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