Visa Business Debit

It’s all about the right profile. Define your employee’s card usage with Visa Business Debit Card

Welcome to an easy way of doing business. Companies will now have a better tool to manage their everyday business expenses and cash flow with a convenient and secure payment alternative to cash and cheques.

The Visa Business Debit Card offers business owners the option to issue multiple cards for their employees and link them to the company's account to be used for:

  • Business Expenses at any merchant location or at any ATM that accepts Visa cards.
  • Cash Flow Management using Bank Audi ATMs to deposit cash and/or cheques.

Grant company employees up to 7 different profiles
The Visa Business Debit Card allows each company to provide its employees with different profiles according to their duties.

These profiles allow different levels of access to functionalities as follows:

Profile 1: POS & ATM Access (Including Balance Inquiry)

Profile 2: POS & ATM Access (No Balance Inquiry)

Profile 3: ATM Access (Including Balance Inquiry)

Profile 4: ATM Access (No Balance Inquiry)

Profile 5: ATM Cash and Cheque Deposit (No Balance Inquiry)

Profile 6: ATM Cheque Deposit (No Balance Inquiry)

Profile 7: ATM Cash Deposit Only (No Balance Inquiry)

Assign daily and monthly limits for each employee
Business owners have the ability to assign different daily and monthly card limits for each employee on the Visa Business Debit Card to be used on POS (for purchases) and ATM (for cash withdrawal and deposit) and modify those limits according to their business needs.
Block company’s account balance inquiry per employee
Business owners can choose to give their employees the option to check the company’s account balance through the ATM or block this feature.
Exclusive Business Debit Cards Benefits

This card provides the business owner with different benefits including:

Cash Flow Monitoring and Management 24/7:
Improving cash flow management by depositing cash and cheques through Bank Audi ATMs round the clock.

Online Account Management:
Gaining control over the company’s account via Audi Online.

SMS Alerts:
Employees will receive SMS alerts on their mobile phones for every transaction made on the card as per the company's request.

Special Company Benefits

By launching the Visa Debit Business Card, the company will benefit from the following:

Branding: The card will carry the name of the company on the front of the card and will be directly linked to the prestigious names of both Bank Audi and Visa.

Flexibility: All companies will appreciate owning such a card since it allows them to target all employees from lower level to higher, in addition to setting functionalities to each of them according to management needs (I.e.: Employee 1: cash deposit only -> Employee 2: Cash and Cheque Deposit -> Employee 3: ATM and POS, etc...).

Limit Differentiation: The company owner will be able to set different daily and monthly limit for each card and for each employee and make sure that no one exceeds those set limits.

Control: The company owner will be able to have full control on each transaction conducted by each employee; the financial controller will receive SMS alerts on his mobile phone for each transaction done by each employee. This way, all transactions conducted will be well controlled and traced.

Visa Business Offers: Companies will benefit from the business deals that Visa offers for all Visa Business cardholders such as saving on Business products and services at selected merchants for:

Car rental
Computers & electronics
Food & drinks
Hotel & lodging

List ATM cash and cheque deposit

List of Bank Audi ATMs that accept Cheque and Cash Deposit:

  • Achrafieh-Sassine Branch ATM
  • Achrafieh-Sayde Branch ATM
  • Achrafieh-Sofil Branch ATM
  • Ajaltoun Branch ATM
  • Amioun Branch ATM
  • Bab Idriss Branch ATM
  • Bhamdoun Branch ATM
  • Bliss Branch ATM
  • Broummana Branch ATM
  • Dbayeh Branch ATM
  • Dekwaneh Branch ATM
  • Dora Branch ATM
  • Dora-Vartanian Branch ATM
  • El-Horge Branch ATM
  • Elyssar Branch ATM
  • Fanar Branch ATM
  • Furn El-Shebbak Branch ATM
  • Ghazir Branch ATM
  • Ghobeyri Branch ATM
  • Haret Hreik Branch ATM
  • Hazmieh Branch ATM
  • Jal el Dib Branch ATM
  • Jbeil East Branch ATM
  • Jeita Branch ATM
  • Jnah Branch ATM
  • Jounieh Branch ATM
  • Khalde Branch ATM
  • Mansourieh Branch ATM
  • Mazraa Branch ATM
  • Mreijeh Branch ATM
  • Nabatieh Branch ATM
  • Novo Station-Citymall
  • Novo Station-DT Urguy Street
  • Port Branch ATM
  • Rabieh Branch ATM
  • Saida-East Branch ATM
  • Saida-Riad El Soloh Branch ATM
  • Saida-South Branch ATM
  • Selim Salam Branch ATM
  • Shiyah Branch ATM
  • Shtaura Branch ATM
  • Sin El-Fil Branch ATM
  • Sodeco Branch ATM
  • Tripoli-El-Bohsas Branch ATM
  • Tripoli-Square 200 Branch ATM
  • Verdun Branch ATM
  • Zahle Branch ATM
  • Zalka Branch ATM
  • Zarif Branch ATM
  • Zouk Branch ATM
  • Zouk-Espace Branch ATM
The ATM list is regularly updated every time a new Bank Audi ATM is equipped with Cash and Cheque Deposit capability.
Allowed Functionalities