Loubnani Card

خلي الليرة ترجع تحكي

“Loubnani” from Bank Audi is especially designed to represent you as a Lebanese citizen and to fit your unique lifestyle. It combines between the past in terms of design and modern times in terms of content. The design on this card is inspired by the unique Lebanese identity; as for its content, it is inspired by the Lebanese lifestyle.

Lebanese Look:
By just holding this card, you will reveal your Lebanese identity wherever you are in the world. It is signed “Loubnani” and has an embedded Cedars scent. You have the option to choose one out of 5 card designs.
Lebanese Style:
"Loubnani" is a MasterCard Credit Card in Lebanese Pounds that can be used all over Lebanon and across the world. Since you are known for loving life and culture, this card offers exceptional benefits in line with your lifestyle.

Get Free Airtime Minutes From Your Spending

Benefit from a special loyalty program that offers you Free Airtime Talk on your postpaid touch or Alfa line "احكي لبناني":

- Get 60 minute welcome bonus*

- For every LBP 25,000 spent on your card, you will get one free minute. The Bank will cover your monthly mobile bill up to the invoice amount including all subscriptions.

- Cardholders can switch to Audi Rewards program and earn 1 point for every LBP 15,000

*Full-option cardholders will be granted the welcome bonus on a yearly basis.

Benefit From Cashback or Instant Discounts

Benefit from cashback or instant discounts at exclusive restaurants, retail outlets, spas and venues covering Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment, Beauty and Health, Culture and Arts, etc.

All the cashback discounts and the merchants participating can be accessible on: PARTNERS

Free Access to VIP Airport Lounges Across the MENA Region

Avoid the hassle of waiting in crowded airport halls and enjoy Free Access to VIP Airport Lounges across the Middle East and Levant upon presenting your card.
To check the list of participating lounges, click here 

Lounges are subject to terms & conditions and may vary any time without prior notice