Horizon Plus Orange

Balance transfer at very low interest rates.

The “orange” card gives you the option to pay in equal installments in Lebanon or abroad at a discounted interest rate.

Once you get your card, you will be assigned a limit that can be used for installment purchases and revolving ones at the same time. 

The "Horizon Plus" Orange offers you the following benefits:

Life Insurance: Covering up to the card limit at the moment of death

Purchase Protection Insurance policy up to $ 1,500
All purchases made by the card will be covered against theft, loss or damage for a period of 90 days from the purchase date.

how it works?

Card Limit

A single credit limit will be determined to be used for revolving transactions and installments.

Installment Plan
Any purchase you make under $500 will be treated as a normal revolving transaction. At the end of the month, you will settle the outstanding balance either in full or partial payment (with a minimum of 10%).

But here’s the difference: Any purchase over $500 will be automatically billed to you in equal monthly installments according to the pre-determined schedule of the “Universal Installment Plan”

Monthly Statements
You will receive two comprehensive monthly statements:

The First Statement will detail all revolving credit card transactions and their monthly minimum payment.

The second statement will detail all installment transactions and their monthly minimum payment.

Monthly Payments

For revolving & installment transactions, all settlements you make will be added to your remaining limit and will therefore be available for you to use again.

A Permanent Loan in a Credit Card Format

With this card you will have instant access to a personal loan anytime, anywhere.

Unlike a traditional installment loan, you won’t have to apply every time you need it.

“Universal Installment” Plan at a Discounted Interest Rate

You can pay in installments at any MasterCard accredited merchants in Lebanon and abroad.

All transactions have an equal monthly payment schedule according to a pre-determined installment plan. The installment feature is automatically triggered for any purchase over $500.

Purchases below $500 will be treated as revolving transactions.

A Balance Transfer Option

You will also have a Balance Transfer Option where you can choose to convert your other credit cards’ outstanding balances into equal easy installments according to the Universal Installment Plan. Just call our Customer Service at 01/219941-2.

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