BDL MasterCard

A step towards e-Government solutions

The "Banque Du Liban" credit card from Bank Audi offers authorized BDL employees a higher spending power with no extra cost. It provides them with the convenience and purchasing power to pay for everything they need, from personal, to travel and business expenses, in addition to the ability to withdraw cash in Lebanon and abroad.

With this new innovative MasterCard credit card from Bank Audi, the Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL) benefits from a handy and cost-effective way to automate salary delivery.

About the BDL MasterCard
  1. It is free for all BDL employees
  2. It can be used locally and internationally
  3. It can be used in several currencies but the Lebanese Pound is the billing currency
  4. It can be used to settle domiciliated bills (electricity, landline, mobile phone, etc.) at no extra cost

Cost of ATM cash withdrawal:

  1. Free at all Bank Audi and BDL ATMs
  2. LBP 1500 on other banks' ATMs
  3. LBP 7500 on ATMs abroad

Through the introduction of this Government MasterCard card, the Central Bank can:

Deliver salaries to its employees electronically in a cost-effective way. The Central Bank will have a new electronic process to pay salaries in a safe, fast, more convenient and economical manner. It can also add payroll loans and other disbursements to this card, such as social assistance, pensions, health benefits and more. Also, BDL employees can use this card to purchase goods at points of sale and withdraw cash from ATMs (up to the amount of their payroll deposit).

Provide its employees with multiple services and benefits on a single card.
Bank Audi offers BDL MasterCard cardholders the following benefits:
  1. Domiciliation of utility bills: employees can domiciliate their electricity, landline and mobile bills on the card.
  2. Special discount on IDM internet subscriptions: cardholders get a two-month free IDM Internet subscription, as well as a 50% discount on monthly internet rates.
  3. Mileage program with the Middle East Airlines: cardholders earn one Cedar Mile for every LBP 3000 spent on the BDL card.