Shop safely online

Do you shop online?

Would you like to limit the risk while making online purchases?

The "e-Orange" internet card, is a safe payment instrument for buying online with confidence.

It is a prepaid reloadable MasterCard card, designed for online shopping or purchases made by telephone or mail order. It offers consumers the safest, easiest and most relaxing way for shopping online.

Benefits of e-Orange

Security and Protection. The "e-Orange" internet card gives you peace of mind when purchasing goods or services online that limits the risk of fraud.

Simple and Convenient. Use it online instantly as soon as you get it from any Bank Audi branch.

Reloadable, Flexible and easy to track

The "e-Orange" internet card can be reloaded, which means, you can use it repeatedly until the expiry date.

You can easily reload it through the following channels:

  1. Bank Audi branches

  2. Bank Audi NOVO ATMs


You can even check your card balance through:

  1. ATM using any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo.
  2. Telephone by calling our customer service on: 01-212120.
  3. Online on www.bankaudi.com.lb

scratch and win

 Whenever you receive your new card or anytime you load it with cash, you will receive a "Scratch and Win" ticket for your chance to earn different cash prizes.

All you have to do is scratch the indicated area and look for the cash value. If you have won an amount, it will be credited to your card immediately.Win 27, 50 or 100 US Dollars or Euros.

Easy to get

Visit any Bank Audi branch.

Fill in the application form and provide a copy of your ID.

Pay for the card fee: $10 or €10.

Load the card with cash amounts ranging from $20 or €20 up to $2,500 or €2,000.