The Blue Card

Enjoy the next generation credit card

The American Express Blue Card encompasses a range of exceptional benefits and remarkable value, including the chance to win back your monthly statement balance.

As an American Express Blue cardholder, you can enjoy up to 9 free Supplementary Cards for family members. Supplementary Cards are billed directly to your account, itemized separately. Always remember that the more you spend on your supplementary cards, the more Cash Back and Value Back draw entries you will earn.

Flexibility in payment when settling your balance either in full each month or pay back the minimum amount due and the rest over time. Payment options are 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of your monthly balance. You'll also enjoy a great value monthly interest rate of just 1.75%.

Cash Back & Payment Benefits

1% Cash Back

Every time you shop with Blue you'll receive 1% Cash Back. Think of it as your own exclusive reduction on all your shopping. In other words, you'll never have to pay full price again*. To qualify for Cash Back, all you have to do is make the minimum payment on time. The rebate is not applicable to cash withdrawals, interest, fees, balance transfers or expenditure in any month exceeding the amount of your Credit Limit.


Value Back - the chance to win back your statement balance every month

Each month, 2 Blue Card members will win back up to $1,000 of their statement balance for the month. For every purchase and cash withdrawal of $25 you will automatically receive Value Back draw entries. You will also be awarded Bonus Value Back draw entries when you reach a minimum monthly statement balance of $250*. Thus, the more you use your Card, the bigger your chances of winning.


Express Cash

You can withdraw up to 20% of your credit limit from hundreds of thousands of automated teller machines worldwide that display the American Express® sign, 24/7.

Travel & Purchase Protection Insurance

Free Travel Accident Insurance

Use Blue from American Express® and Bank Audi to pay for travel tickets and automatically receive up to $80,000 worth of free Travel Accident Insurance. Buy tickets for your spouse or children and they'll also be covered.


Free Retail Protection Insurance

Almost all your personal purchases made with your Card are covered against theft or accidental damage for up to 90 days after the purchase is made.**
Include Coverage amount as well

24-hour, Worldwide Assistance & Recommendations

Emergency Assistance

Need medical, travel or legal help while travelling or a replacement Card? Call Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Worldwide Customer Care

There are more than 2,200 American Express® Travel Service Locations or Representative Offices around the world. Our highly trained staff can assist and provide you with a wide range of services - from hotel booking to flight reservations.


Exclusive Offers From SelectsSM

With American Express® SelectsSM, you can enjoy exclusive deals on travel, shopping and dining.
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Additional Benefits

Online Account Access

Keep track of your Card transactions anytime, anywhere.


Free Emergency Card Replacement

If your Card is lost or stolen, we can issue you with a replacement free of charge - usually within two working days worldwide.


Online Fraud Protection Guarantee

Shop online with complete peace of mind, knowing you won't be charged for any unauthorized transactions.

*For details on how Value Back works, how to gain entries and bonus entries, Cash Back calculation, insurance coverage amounts and the Schedule of Fees and Charges, please refer to the Card member Additional Information.

**For a copy of the fully detailed Card member Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of your Card, you may download a copy.