Bank Audi’s retail payment solutions allow you to enhance your customers’ payment experience, whether in-store, online or through a mobile device.


With Areeba's high performance and secure POS terminals, you can start accepting:

  1. Card transactions in USD and LBP
  2. All major card brands: MasterCard, Visa and American Express
  3. EMV chip cards to fight fraud
  4. Contactless cards to speed up the payment process

Areeba offers 2 types of devices:

    Known worldwide for their high communication speed, durability and ease of use.

    Portable devices that give the freedom and flexibility of accepting electronic payments at distance.

All merchants are required to complete a more detailed application, and agree to our Terms & Conditions, at the time of enrollment. All merchants are subject to credit approval.

Contactless payment

Enhance your customer experience with the “Tap2Pay NFC Series of Contactless Payment” technology that allows cardholders to pay by simply tapping their card, mobile, watch, bracelet or sticker on a secure contactless reader. It is the perfect payment solution for small purchases.

With Bank Audi Tap2Pay NFC series of contactless payments, you can:

  1. Accelerate the payment process: since the cardholder will only tap their card or contactless device and be on their way.
  2. Reduce cash handling by employees: since more people would be using their cards to pay for small purchases instead of paying in cash.
  3. Reduce the need for "change" as customers won’t be searching for money.
  4. Create a high tech image for yourself and improve customer loyalty, as you’ll be keeping up with the latest trends. 






Expand your business globally with Areeba's internet payment gateway that provides complete, integrated and secure electronic payment and commerce solutions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer services online.

With Areeba's internet payment gateway, you can:

  1. Accept payments made with all major card brands (MasterCard, Visa and American Express)
  2. Protect online transactions from fraud thanks to the “Verified by Visa" & "MasterCard Secure Code” security systems that have strong authentication technologies
  3. Accept most currencies
  4. Protect all the communications between the cardholder and Areeba, and between Areeba and yourself
  5. Offer "Recurrent Payment" and "Easy Checkout" features thanks to the "Tokenization" service.

Secure your clients’ online transactions through Bank Audi "Tokenization", a new service that allows customers to get a “token” by filling their card’s data online only once. This generated “token” will be securely used by the merchant for processing future online transactions, thus reducing the risk of using sensitive data online. 
Customers will no longer need to enter their card number every time they want to make a purchase. The payment process will only use the encrypted data.

With the Bank Audi "Tokenization" service, you can:

  1. Keep customers’ sensitive data within the Bank’s control at all times.
  2. Offer more efficient recurrent billing and payments since cardholders will enter their card details only once, which are then converted into a “token”.
  3. Provide a secure and practical means for online purchases.


Why make your customers come to you, when you can go to them?
With Bank Audi MPOS, you can accept payments on the go through a small card reader attached to a smartphone or tablet turning it into a portable POS. All you have to do is download an application (link of the app) on your mobile (through App Store, Windows Store or Google Store) connecting you to the Bank. The service is ideal for door-to-door sales, home deliveries and personal sales in big retail stores and malls.

With Bank Audi MPOS, you can:

  1. Accept all types of cards on the spot, securely and with ease
  2. Proceed with payments where your customers are
  3. Stay on top of sales by checking your account on the go

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