SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts

This is an automatic notification service through SMS that will keep you informed and updated on your credit card activities.
Even when you travel
Wherever you go, Bank Audi Alerts Service will notify you through SMS, even when you are travelling abroad. All you need is a roaming facility with your mobile service provider or an International number.

Transaction alert to detect fraud on the spot: Each time you use your card, you will receive an SMS alert notifying you about the transaction's details.
To report any suspicious transactions, please call our Customer Service department at 01-212120


More SMS alerts service...

- Monthly Bill Alert: You will receive an SMS informing you about your monthly bill and your minimum payment due.

- Payment Due Date Alert: To remind you about your last due date payment, an SMS will be sent to you.

- Exceeding 80% of your Limit Alert: Once you reach 80% of your monthly limit, an alert will be sent to you to avoid any hassle when shopping with your card.

We will also send you SMS messages informing you about your card renewal, Audi Rewards accumulated points as well as our latest news, products and promotional campaigns.

How to register

To activate this service please complete and sign the "SMS application form" and send it back to Bank Audi for activation. Once registered to our SMS Alerts Service you will automatically receive these alerts on your mobile phone.


Can I choose the type of alerts I would like to receive?
Yes, Bank Audi SMS Alerts Service allows you to set the type and the values of your alerts. You can change your preferences when you like.

Can I choose to discontinue this service?
Yes, you can discontinue the service temporarily or to stop it permanently whenever you want.

Can I receive SMS alerts on two different mobile phone numbers?
Yes, you can activate this service on two different numbers.

Can the supplementary cardholder register for this service?
The supplementary cardholder can register separately (fill the appropriate section in the application form).
The SMS transaction alert is the only service applicable to the supplementary card.

What would this service cost?
Local Line: $1/month/mobile
International Line: $2/month /mobile