You can now sign up to receive your monthly MasterCard card (s) and/or Visa card(s) statement(s) delivered to you electronically. With our new e-Statement service you will always have your statements on time and never have to wait for the paper statements.

How do I enroll in the e-Statement Service?
All you need to do is to fill in the enrollment form, sign it and send it to Bank Audi- E-payment  Solutions and Card Services.

Will I still receive the paper statement(s) after I enroll in the e-Statement Service?
e-Statement is the electronic version of your paper statement(s). Even if you have enrolled in the e-Statement Service you will still receive your paper statement(s).

How do I know when my e-Statement is ready for viewing?
At the closing date of the statement, your e-Statement will be sent to you by email.

I am a supplementary cardholder, can I enroll in the e-Statement Service separately?
No, only principal cardholders are able to enroll for the e-Statement Service. Your spending will appear on the principal cardholder e-statement.

After enrollment, how soon can I expect to receive my e-Statement?
After enrollment, you will receive an email notification indicating the date of your next e-Statement.